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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter #3

Goodreads rating: 4.54

317 pages paperback

Published: 8 July 1999

ISBN: 0747542155 (ISBN13: 9780747542155)

My rating: 5

I think this may be my favorite Harry Potter book so far! The beginning of the book shows Harry finally getting a little revenge on an evil Aunt Marge (what an awful muggle), if it was me I would have done a lot worse far sooner. It’s so great to see Harry finally get a bit of happiness outside of Hogwarts during summer when he stays at The Leaky Cauldron, I know he’s just a character but Rowling has written him in such a way that you really just want him to be happy!

I must say that this book is sooooo different to the movie compared to the first too. How the Dementors affect Harry, Professor Trelawney’s prediction, the Boggart, Prof Lupin seeing Pettigrew on the map and most of all Crookshanks’s involvement with Sirius Black. I though that Crookshanks was going to turn out to be an Animagus that the movies just never told us about but she was really just an awesome, intelligent cat.

Once the story got to the part where Harry finally meets Sirius I could not put it down, it was fast paced, interesting and full of action and revelations. I read the last 150 pages in one sitting and only went to bed at 1 am. I loved getting some insight into Harry’s past and his parents. The end of the book was also so heartwarming I may have shed a few tears.

If you have read book one and two and felt that you might be getting a bit bored, this book significantly steps it up so give it a read!

xoxo until next time.




Harry Potter’s third year at Hogwarts is full of new dangers. A convicted murderer, Sirius Black, has broken out of Azkaban prison, and it seems he’s after Harry. Now Hogwarts is being patrolled by the dementors, the Azkaban guards who are hunting Sirius. But Harry can’t imagine that Sirius or, for that matter, the evil Lord Voldemort could be more frightening than the dementors themselves, who have the terrible power to fill anyone they come across with aching loneliness and despair. Meanwhile, life continues as usual at Hogwarts. A top-of-the-line broom takes Harry’s success at Quidditch, the sport of the Wizarding world, to new heights. A cute fourth-year student catches his eye. And he becomes close with the new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher, who was a childhood friend of his father. Yet despite the relative safety of life at Hogwarts and the best efforts of the dementors, the threat of Sirius Black grows ever closer. But if Harry has learned anything from his education in wizardry, it is that things are often not what they seem. Tragic revelations, heartwarming surprises, and high-stakes magical adventures await the boy wizard in this funny and poignant third installment of the beloved series.


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